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You can rely on us if you need a wood destroying organism inspection.

Being informed about your property or a potential property in Ocala, Florida is extremely important. Whether you are thinking about purchasing a home, selling a commercial property, investing in real estate, refinancing a VA loan, or completing some other kind of transaction, you may need a wood destroying organism inspection to ensure the property at hand doesn’t have major structural issues as a result of damage from these creatures. At Florida Termite Inspections, LLC, we can provide the reliable wood destroying organism inspection you need.

Wood Destroying Organism Inspection in Ocala, Florida

A wood destroying organism inspection involves looking for the typical signs of termites or other wood destroying organisms. For instance, hollow-sounding wood, piles of frass, mud tubes, and tiny holes in wood are all signs of termites. An inspector will check vital areas of the structure’s interior and exterior, including window frames, door frames, baseboards, garages, and the base of the building. After documenting their findings, they will create a detailed report, which allows you to make an informed decision concerning the property and any next steps you may need to take to resolve an ongoing infestation.

With a wood destroying organism inspection, you can make sound real estate decisions. Whether your property suffers from damage caused by termites, powder post beetles, old house borers, or wood-decay fungi, you can rest assured we will make it known to you.

Contact us today to schedule a wood destroying organism inspection. We respond to requests quickly and have a quick turnaround time for reports.

At Florida Termite Inspections, LLC, we perform wood destroying organism inspections in Ocala, Reddick, Sparr, Williston, Morriston, Gainesville, Belleview, Fort McCoy, and Dunnellon, Florida.