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Don’t wait until it’s too late to get a home termite inspection.

At Florida Termite Inspections, LLC, we’ve made it our mission to help our customers determine once and for all if they have termites present on their property. These tiny wood-eating pests are a huge problem, but our team is more than equipped to track them down and set our customers on the path towards reclaiming their homes.

Home Termite Inspection in Ocala, Florida

Many of our customers are realtors, investors, home inspectors, or prospective home buyers who want added assurance that a home they are interested in is termite-free. No one wants to move forward with a transaction only to discover a few months down the line that their new property is infested with termites that are steadily destroying their investment. Fortunately, a home termite inspection from our team can save you from that particular real estate nightmare.

Getting a home termite inspection is essential for a real estate transaction, but that’s far from the only time you may want to have one done. Many homeowners choose to get termite inspections as part of their routine maintenance to ensure that an infestation doesn’t go unnoticed for years. It’s also important to schedule a home termite inspection if you notice evidence of termite presence, no matter how small that evidence may seem.

During a home termite inspection, our skilled inspectors will thoroughly assess your property for signs of termites and give you a complete report of what they discover. We won’t simply do an inspection and then leave you to figure out where to go from there; if further action is needed, we have plenty of pest control companies we can refer you to for treatments and next steps.

If you need a home termite inspection in the Ocala, Florida area, give us a call today to get scheduled.

At Florida Termite Inspections, LLC, we perform home termite inspections in Ocala, Reddick, Sparr, Williston, Morriston, Gainesville, Belleview, Fort McCoy, and Dunnellon, Florida.